Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Given the chance.

It's been a while since an ad has made me want to post it here.
I read a comment by the sharer of the video prior to watching it, and it said "Every Egyptian will relate". I looked at the 00:47 time log and liked the length, so I clicked play.

As soon as the camera panned out I put my hand to mouth and half laughed half gasped and continued watching. I thought the chicken was ridiculous and almost dismissed the entire thing until the final slogan was seen and narrated. Chicken pizza is never an appealing option, at least not to avid pizza lovers. It doesn't settle well. And for some reason it's just not pizza, it's this half quiche half feteera kinda thing. Just isn't pizza. But the slogan asks the pizza enthusiast to give it a chance, because when you give something a chance sometimes it works out. It's really quite simple.

But are you left thinking about your missed opportunities? Are you studying the contrast that "the road not taken" in life has to your current reality? Or am I just reading too much into it due to feeling particularly 'reflective' at the moment, if you know what I mean.

Well I am. And not only about mine, but an entire generation that has gotten used yet wary of an opportunity mirage that often appears in the distance of a tough, break-less and stubborn way of things getting done. Yes I see it all the time. What many of us could have been where/when opportunity was less scarce, or where/when we could have been better opportunists.

Cheers to the ad. I like it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

اتجنن، اندهش! يلا..NOW

Amid a troubled political scene overspilling it's turmoil onto pretty much all aspects of social life in Egypt, advertisers have decided to tell us what to do when it comes to certain notions.

Apparently, It is completely CRAZY to do something spontaneous and random, that might just make someone else smile in the process, and if that's what crazy is then by all means go crazy! (I will not talk about the music accompanying that, that's a whole other post) Just lose it. ETGANIN!
But while you're trying, take a look at how they decided to share a Coke , somewhere else in the world. You will appreciate it

Or Take a look at how they spread the campaign itself in Australia ..


Then  of course, there's the chocolate bar that is just out of this world. Like every other ad in egypt, let's throw a pitch that has nothing to do with the product, then make a pretty cool ad, that's funny and creative, and will definitely go viral, (hell let's make a whole other version that is for viral purposes) and let's go with "ENDAHISH" for a slogan...  Andahish eh ya 3am? That's besides the point that there is absolutely nothing surprising about the 'prism' (في شكل هرمي غريب) shaped chocolate bar that has been around since 1908!!!!! Endahish at that you idiot! Oh and by the way, what is this obsession with women speaking like that?!!

Then I think it got a little more painful with all the takes on it

And finally, and because Pepsi is ... well ... what is there to say about Pepsi really? What the hell were you guys thinking? Yalla Now? Yalla now??
Suddenly their entire campaign on living the moment, how now is what we make of it, how now is more alive, is reduced to this weird statement that is asking me to COME ON! LIVE! NOW! "عيشها" .. "انعشها"  en3esh-ha?....

I can't even grasp the creative approach on that one to start. I have no idea what the hell is Yalla Now. بس والله اندهشت