Thursday, September 6, 2012

SMS Marketing


It must be the most invasive form of advertising yet. If I didn't sign up to it, do not send me your promotions and sales and messages, and if I didn't willingly give you my phone number, you shouldn't have it.

Who sells these numbers to these people? Who has these databases and abuses them in this fashion? I find it unacceptable and it must be stopped. I don't know if it's done elsewhere and frankly I don't care, my phone inbox is private and so is my number!





1 comment:

  1. Definitely invasive and illegal. Needs to be regulated like so many 'systems' in Egypt. It is 'thuggish' business conduct. Ultimately telecom companies are responsible and they know they have problems with leaked databases (selling). Banks, credit card companies are the worst at abusing consumer privacy with cold sales calls!! BANK AUDI is a recent example. when I question the salesperson they evade providing the source of my contact details!!