Thursday, September 6, 2012

SMS Marketing


It must be the most invasive form of advertising yet. If I didn't sign up to it, do not send me your promotions and sales and messages, and if I didn't willingly give you my phone number, you shouldn't have it.

Who sells these numbers to these people? Who has these databases and abuses them in this fashion? I find it unacceptable and it must be stopped. I don't know if it's done elsewhere and frankly I don't care, my phone inbox is private and so is my number!





Monday, May 7, 2012

Guardian's Three Little Pigs

Possibly one of the most genius advertisements I have ever watched.
There's nothing here that doesn't scream what they want to say, nothing here that isn't creative, isn't brilliant, isn't simple enough to wow you away.
This is commercial art at it's best, borrowing from a childhood night-time story, engraved in our minds and hearts forever, twisted and contorted to fit every aspect of our modern day craving for intellectual and creative material.
It is just great.