Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadan ADs: CocaCola's Better Tomorrow

First thing's first. The kids are adorable, and I don't know a single person who didn't think so.

Alright, other than that... I have to give it to CocaCola this Ramadan because they managed to put a genuine smile on people's faces.

As always, since the days of Hesham Abbas even, we've been used to hearing original jingles from CocaCola and this time is no different. The music is relaxing, sweet, and the kids, again, are just incredibly cute!

I am very fond of the mix between illustration and real footage that some how did not lose it's Egyptian touch as they bring it home with all the references to where we are in the country today; corruption, donations, negativity, of course laziness in Ramadan and mommies making yummy food, the waves of bad news....and our very own Bassem Youssef :)

If there's one thing that's throwing me off, it has to be the resemblance to Vodafone as the AD starts off. The red screen with the centered writing in white...I know that's CocaCola too of course, but some people have mistaken it for a Vodafone commercial, considering that ever since they dropped the puppets they've been trying to forcefully take credit for the strangest things in Egypt. But we'll blame this one on Vodafone not you guys :P

Anyway Great Job integrating your 'Tomorrow is better' campaign with Ramadan and Egyptian culture...I like the AD a lot!

Ramadan Kareem :) 


  1. LOL .. I thought I'm the only one.
    I hate Vodafone

  2. I agree, the ad did register very well with the people, but I can't say that anything about this copy is genuine.. Its a pure copy paste job from their global copy earlier this year.. they even took some of the frames from that ad... I wouldn't say its even adapted... its translated!
    Big disappointment from the local Coke team!

  3. You know, even if it's translated, at least it's relevant, which happens to be a rare thing when it comes to 'adaptation' of ads these days. However, care to share the link? I'd like to take a look.

    Thanks for your comment