Monday, February 28, 2011

The Revolution's Bandwagon- III

!!و هي دي البجاحة

Which literally translates to 'Shamelessness!"

Why don't you stick to giving your customers free internet and making up for the blackout that you didn't even think of warning them about rather than this?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Revolution's Bandwagon- II

On Friday the 28th of January, around 2 am in the morning, after a day long of unstable internet connectivity and rumors that we will be experiencing a blackout, the internet was gone. Just like that, with no warnings or explanations, the internet population of Egypt were silenced.

But then we all woke up to dead phones!!! You couldn't make or receive calls and you couldn't send or receive text messages. Imagine that...on the day of the biggest and angriest protests Egypt has ever seen...Friday of Rage, no one was able to contact the other.  Wherever you were that day...running from tear gas or getting shot at by rubber bullets (which we later realized were occasionally replaced with live ammo) or engaging in battles with riot police, or home on your couch watching - you kept thinking you had no connection.. 'just incase....'

The next morning our phones suddenly started ringing off the hook, people were going crazy trying to reach their loved ones. Many phones kept ringing with no answer... Many phones never rang...many phones were answered by complete strangers...

I can not capture the anger or frustration that the blackout caused...I can not even start to think of the amounts of lives that could have been saved had there been a chance to call for help.

With that in mind, even with the return of phone communication, the SMS service was still out.  However, it seemed like the Mobile companies (Vodafone, Etisalat & Mobinil) were able to text their customers, and I wish they didn't.

Their messages were provocative,offensive and plain invasive due to the clear political agenda they carried...and simply because no one else could send texts!!

Here are the samples:

The Armed Forces are keen for your safety and security
and will not resort to violence against this great people.

To every mother-father-sister-brother and every honorable
citizen, look out for this country، for it is an ever-lasting home.
Youth of Egypt, be ware of rumors and listen to the voice
of reason. Egypt is above all..protect her.

The Armed Forces call upon Egypt's loyal men, to confront
 the traitors and criminals and protect our people and our
honor, for Egypt is precious.
And the worst one of all...

A demonstration rally begins on Wednesday at Noon at
Mostafa Mahmood Square in support of President Mubarak

So moves like this  (images below) make me even angrier - and although I'll pretend to understand that they had no choice - I feel that something MUST be done. I know they gave out free minutes and offered more time for delayed bills bla bla, but it feels like this was a great injustice done to the people..the 'great people' they so blatantly call out to in their texts.

Because this patriotic flair does not really go hand in hand with sending messages DURING A REVOLUTION promoting pro-regime rallies! It does not complement the fact that there were lives lost because of this nightmarish blockage of communication.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


IAm#Jan25 - A splendid initiative acting as a platform/database of all pictures and videos captured during the Jan25 Revolution. 

IAm#Jan25 is developed by Mohanned Ali who was one of the #Jan25 voices during the events taking placing in Egypt. In his own words, he describes himself as a"Nomad, the Swiss Army knife of IT, internet mogul in the making, and aspiring Social Entrepreneur."

Here is what he had to say about the project:
"well basically i've been archiving all #Jan25 tweets, so I thought there must be lots of cool links shared in those tweets, so i wrote this script to dig up all the links from 2.7+ million tweets, and voila lol. I still have hundreds of links to articles etc. which i'll put on the website later on and thats about it lol. My gift to the world :D"

And what a gift! :)
It's a great idea and a catalyst for a proud memory for us all.
Help add to it, enrich it, savor it, and definitely, spread the word!
Cheers Mand0z! 

Note: Love the name!
IAm#Jan25 :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Revolution's Bandwagon

This is probably going to be Part 1 of a series of posts I am considering writing about the Advertising scene during (I will not say post because I believe it is ongoing) the Egyptian 2011 Revolution.

This is also the first post since #Jan25 and I decided that probably anything to say now after the events we have witnessed would be an understatement.

All I can say is that this is our revolution. Those who were part of it know who they are, and those who weren't and claim to be are known by us all. Those who supported every way they knew how will forever be remembered and thanked and respected... while those trying to 'ride the wave' ... well ... they look wet and silly.

So..Part 1 goes to those folks, the ones trying to, shall I say re-brand? their image using the revolution.
بالبلدي يعني: "على قفا الثورة" 

Anyway..Let me kick it off with none other than Sodic. Because frankly, this morning, when I was driving down 26th of July st. and my eyes caught these, my jaw dropped and I let out a long almost laughing gasp. I won't accuse anyone of anything. Time will tell.

For now..gasp with me 

But just incase it's hazy...


Alright I think I'm done.