Monday, January 10, 2011

Vodafone ft. Adel Imam

We can tell that after Etisalat's Ramadan TVC that featured superstar El King Mounir, Yosra, Ahmed Ezz, Hend Sabry, Donya Sameer Ghanem and Ezzat Abo Ouf, Vodafone and their agency had a long, very serious meeting.

Mounir, who had never before been seen doing advertisements was not only advertising for Etisalat! He was doing what he does best! He was singing...all cute in green and all! And as if that wasn't a hard enough slap on the face, he sang another brand new specifically written and recorded jingle for yet another Etisalat commercial. Oh the predicament! What will Vodafone/Mobinil possibly do now?

So, while Etisalat is utilizing Mounir's name and voice right after borrowing Maged Kedwany's sense of humor and new found popularity, and while Mobinil is sheeplishly attempting to compete with Edward and Emmy Sameer Ghanem, Vodafone were still playing puppets on strings. 

Well..what do they do to save face? They bring out the Joker ofcourse! They won't bluff nor fold. They will lay low and try to scram anything together for the time being while they pool all their production resources and remaining 2010 budget and go give LOADS of money to Adel Imam to feature in their latest commercial, that didn't really mean anything. So they bring the three boys from Sameer w Shaheer w Baheer (Shiko, Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged) and air a hideously poorly produced sequence of ads that not only gain no momentum, but are met with severe scrutiny from viewers, and were even accused of disrespecting famed Islamic pioneers.

Then comes the day of the anticipated match between Ahly and Zamalek...and after a disappointing first half - BAM. This voice? We all know this voice!

Oh the goosebumps, the inspiration, the nostalgia! The surprise! That's right! It's Adel Imam, well 2 seconds are of his back and the 8 other seconds are of his smiling face...that face that you have come to know and love and smile when you see.

So yes..Vodafone obviously came through on top! I's ADEL IMAM! It's El Za3eem! It's the guy who just made three really bad movies that have disappointed all his fans and has managed to make you forget about it in just under 2 minutes! and make up for it too.

It's about your Egypt! It's about everyone of us. Our individual strengths put together to make dreams come true. It's about your imagination, laughter, simplicity, determination, sensitivity,'s about the magic that lies within each and everyone of us.

I do feel bad for them, that in lights of recent sectarian developments, would be a little nervy to air this ad now. At least for a while. 


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