Saturday, January 22, 2011

Smell me and .com

There are some products out there in the world that are tricky to advertise....Like cigarettes, condoms, viagra, sex toys etc. Therefore, when we come across one of those product adverts, we happen to pay attention.

When an advertising agency accepts one of those accounts, and creates a creative concept that not only meets the brief and delivers the message, but also stays true to creativity and artistic flair...well, then, they're awesome! Unfortunately, couldn't find out who they are!  Did a little research, but no luck on the TVC agency, only Ps&S for the print ads.

Here's the TVC...
Warning.. not suitable for watching with a parent, a child, and probably not at the office either.

However inappropriate... the ad is sexy, gutsy, the direction and camera work are excellent, the soundtrack is just right, and captured the idea (though in a perverted kinda way) perfectly!

I am also very impressed with the CI itself. The logo, yes I admit is very graphic, but also very clever! They took a rather feminine concept, and delivered a bold/edgy look and feel. The black color, the typography on the packaging, and the size! This is actually quite small. If you take a look at their print ads in the Gallery section of their website (again NSFW) you'll get what I mean.

Look at the product description!!! Doesn't get any more descriptive than that!

That brings me to their URL... which, although changes when you actually arrive to the site, is probably one of the most memorable and clever play on words that is so typical and obvious but entertaining and admirable at the same time!! (can you tell how amused I am by this?)

Enough said...Simply put..Weird (very weird) product, excellent creative concept and execution.

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