Monday, January 10, 2011

9:47 PM - The Cigar Lounge

5 Men seated across from each other, smoking what one can only assume Havanas and drinking and having a jolly good time without the Mrs!

Yes! Sure, 9:47 PM is the perfect time for the cigar lounge. Where we go and get drunk and give each other longing homosexual desiring looks because secretly we're all gay husbands living the Stepford life stuck with our wives and kids residing in multi-million dollar homes in Egypt's elitist suburbia.

Which one of these men scream gay the most to you? I mean I have nothing against gays, it's just that our society is the one that does, and well, in their desperate attempt to convey 'classy' and with their slogan 'Choose Life'...none of these gentlemen possess any class. In fact, most of them look sleazy.

Indeed...This is the life! This is what you do if you belong to Egypt's elite society. This is how you look, this is what you smoke, this is what you drink. Ahh! Don't you just envy them?

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